Friday, August 20, 2010


As most of you know I am a teacher. I  have started at a new school this year for at risk youths. This is a brand new school so as a team leader I've been helping to get the school open. I don't ever remember being this tired at the beginning of the school year. So sadly, my blog got pushed on the back burner while we got school started.  I have gotten to craft, but it's all been stuff for the school! I've done name signs for the doors which you see below. I've also have done quotes on my walls, my podium, and the front door of the school. I'm also suppose to do quotes going down the hallways. I will have pictures of that soon.
 I used Locker Talk, Destentations, My World, and Paper Doll Dress Up (the accessories). The font on all came from Lyrical Letters. The wildcat was an SVG. Some of them I used pens to line the cut lines to make them stand out.

Sorry about the glare on these. I didn't take the pictures of these until after I put the clear contact paper on them. You can't lamintate these things. They are too thick because of the layers.
I also had a vinyl project requested by my sis in law. She's an elementary school teacher. I love doing these for her classroom because it's ok to make it all cutesy. I teach middle school and they don't like cutesy.
Again I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. I never knew how much went into getting a school opened. This is going to be one wild school year. Go Wildcats!

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  1. Beat of luck for your up coming school year. Here in NJ we don't start until after September first but I have already been in, set up my room, put up bulletin boards and updated my school web page. But it's okay we teachers get the summer off. LOL!