Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Italian Thank You

All of you probably thought I have disappeared. I am on vacation for my one year anniversary. (*Insert audience saying awwww here) But I didn't forget about y'all. This is a thank you card I did for some parents of one of my students. They own a pizza parlor and they donated pizza for my student's end of the year party. I thought an Italian theme would be approriate. I made it as a 5x7 card so all my kiddos could sign it. When you are used to working with A2 cards it can be tricky going back to doing cards this big. I did the tower from the Destinations cartidge. It was cut at 6 1/4. I love how it came out. Simple, but cute. My students really liked it too, which made it worth it. Oh and fyi the pizza was AMAZING!! They are real Italians so you know they know how to make good pizza.

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