Friday, July 2, 2010

A Stepping Stone

I've been working with vinyl a lot lately. I mean a LOT. LOL. I am lucky enough that I have a great source for my vinyl. Here is my tip that maybe you can use. Sign shops! My friend works at a sign shop and gives me all their "scraps". They would just throw this in the dumpster if I didn't take them. I get some super pretty colors. What is scrap to them is pay dirt to me. This is the first vinyl project that I'm going to share. This a ceramic tile that I purchased at Lowes (it was around $3). I then cut this super pretty image with SCAL. I am so sorry I don't remember the ladies' blog that I got it from. I'm so sorry. But I am more then willing to share the file. It also cuts great for cards. This tile was a gift to my step mommy. She LOVES hummingbirds. She is going to use it as a stepping stone from our house to the water. I made another one with a different cut for my real mommy. She used a picture easle and has hers by her fireplace. Thanks for looking!



  1. very pretty. I'd love to know if you find where you got the file so I could have it. Thanks for sharing!